Another Boston Marathon in the Books

Welp today was very special. The incredible amount of emotions are overflowing all the bodies that had the joy and the privilege to be in Boston for the 123rd running of the oldest Marathon in the world. The mother nature threw everything at us today! From few inches of rain for the extra spicy pre-marathon workout to the bluebird day for the middle of the race, mixed in with human stories of that inspire, motivate, and make you want to sign up for a race next weekend, we had it all. I can try to explain the experience that makes grownups burpee in puddles, lose voices cheering at a stranger as hard as you would for your best friends, or choosing to put themselves through an incredible amount of discomfort just so they can hang a unicorn shaped piece of metal around their neck. Instead, I’ll just tell you this… you had to be there to understand.

Here are some Wisconsin notes that will hopefully paint the picture of how the last day of the Best Weekend in Boston went down:

  • It goes without saying, November Project people are weatherproof.
  • Burpees in mud and/or puddles are THE BEST!
  • Burpees in mud and/or puddles are better than THE BEST when done with friends.
  • New England weather is a fickle beast as it can change from shit to incredible within minutes.
  • When you want to make a lot of noise, you ask your friends that are good at making noise to help. Thanks, Jaybird for making Mile 18 the loudest cheering station on the course.
  • When your post-workout donut and coffee party gets rained out, you bring the supplies to the cheering station to fuel the runners and the cheering squad. Again, thanks Jaybird for your love and support.
  • If you never experienced Boston Marathon as a racer or a specator, It’s unlike any event you’ve ever seen. We’ll be here next year, hope you’ll join us.

    Cheering on Marathoners

Photo credit: Conor James (rain shots), Daniel Rothenberg (race shots).

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