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This morning, like all Wednesday mornings- was absolutely magical. Why was it so magical? Because it’s the best day of the week with the best humans in the world, DUH!

But seriously. I look forward to Wednesdays every single day of the week. I get withdrawals the moment the clock hits 7:30 am and it’s over until next time. I get so excited for it that I’ve actually forced Mags and I to finish planning/talking about it by the Monday before so Tuesdays I can try and ~relax~ and not stay up all night in excitement. You’d think I was preparing myself for an Ironman or something. Nope, just a wondrous morning of free fitness with the best crew I know.

Every single Wednesday I JUMP out of bed as if someone’s about to bite my head off, throw on my workout outfit (that is always laid out the night before), send a couple silly selfies to a few friends to make sure they’re awake and as STOKED as I am (DM me if if you want in on this), remind myself it’s 5 am and I probably shouldn’t be blasting music, but still turn it on and get the blood pumping, dance around, brush my teeth and head out the door.

Is it weird that I STILL get butterflies from the moment I pull up to the stadium every week? I think it’s because every week feels like the first week all over again, and if you think about it- it is just that. Every week is something new and different, and every week we have the opportunity to have the BEST workout ever and this crew never takes that for granted.

The energy you feel when you walk into Drake on a Wednesday morning is unmatchable. It feels like we’re all walking into a party, and we have the opportunity to be wild and free and work our asses off- all before we head into work. It’s that same thrill you get when you walk into an arena or a concert venue (like the Hollywood Bowl as a random example) and even before the show begins, you feel the good vibes and breathe in the excitement.

For anyone who shows up at 6:29:59 am or later, try and show up a few minutes before that next week. Why? Those few minutes before the workout are precious. You never know who you might stir up a conversation with. Could you find your future husband or wife in these moments? You never know! Maybe there’s someone you meet that can be your accountabilibuddy and you two can send weird selfies to each other at 5 am. Whoever you are, whatever you’re looking for, there’s always an opportunity to find your next club team’s soccer goalie, book club bestie, or simply just someone to say good morning to. It actually breaks my heart that the Katie/Satkartar bestie bond is now separated by oceans, as we sent sweet Satkartar off to bigger and better things (she’s off to become a doctor, nbd). Watching that friendship blossom over the past 6 months and watching those two have each other’s backs has been one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen come out of this group. But the best part is, their friendship is forever, and no matter where they both end up- they’ll always have this bond they formed on the stairs.

I’m insanely proud of this crew for showing up every week.  It warms my heart to know that all these beautiful souls are connecting with each other; building friendships, relationships, finding dog sitters, life coaches, and everything in between- all while doing something good for their bodies and their minds. At the end of the day, we’re working hard and building a community. We’re allowing each other to become vulnerable with one another, learn from each other, grow with each other and come out of a workout with so much more than sore muscles.

So0o0o0o0o …. Is it next Wednesday yet?!!

<3 T

BREAKFAST CLUB: If you’re ever free immediately after the workout, there’s always a group that hangs at the Whole Foods off of Gayley (located here). Parking is free (as is Wifi- in case you need to start working early)! Plenty of outdoor seating available for good times and yummy bites!

SOCIAL PAGE: If you’re not already in our internal social page ‘Westside Warehouse’ be sure to join it! This is a place for all of us to communicate outside of the workouts. Use this group to plan carpools/run gangs/bike gangs to the workouts and breakfast clubs after workouts!

TRACKER: Make sure in the upper left-hand corner it says West LA, then click on the day of the workout and you can view the location, drop verbals, and even record results for PR Day! If you want to have all your PR Day results in one place, click on a past date to enter that day’s result.


#NPSUMMIT, November Project’s Annual gathering, will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming September 14-16. This is the BEST weekend of the year in the NP world, you don’t want to miss it! Even if you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, do yourself a favor and #justsignup! Grab a friend to partner with, or three! You can make a relay team, or sign up individually for a longer distance. As we get closer we can talk about travel plans, accommodations and all that jazz (you’ll already see conversations about this in the google doc below)! If you can swing taking off the Friday before, it’s always a good time!
DISCOUNT CODE: NP20 for 20% off!
GOOGLE DOC (with all NP tribes):  #logistics

TOUGH TOPANGA 10K! Let’s go support a local race!! Saturday 6/23. Run or hike
options available.
DISCOUNT CODE: Westside Wednesdays Tough


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