We celebrated the Persian New Year today, and have asked Ahmad to round out his guest leader duties by writing a blog. Here it is.


Before we get to Ahmad, an IMPORTANT REMINDER: next Wednesday is #sunrise6k. Meet at the West Buttes lot south of the amphitheater, NOT the amphitheater itself. Ok onto the good stuff. -Ed.

I was introduced to the unique and one of a kind Papago Amphitheater a few years ago by a personal trainer. She thought I might like that place for an alternative cross training place … It turned out that I did love Papago Amphitheater and decided to make it a habit when I move from Tempe (ASU) to Old Town Scottsdale to run to amphitheater from home once a week and do some push-ups and sit-ups and run back home.
Sure enough after my move and after I settled which was just shy of 3 years ago, I ran to the amphitheater on a Wednesday morning to start my so called Wednesday routine.
I met bunch of energetic and positive people doing the same thing I was planning to do. It turned out that they were a free fitness group known as the November Project, Phoenix Tribe!
These folks were from all walks of life, male, female, older, younger, pro-athletes, novice and new to fitness. They accepted me with open arms and big hugs…
Since then, Wednesdays became the most important day of the week for me!
The past 3 years, I have sweated with these folks, raced with them, cheered for them, being cheered by them, traveled with them, trained with them, partied with them…
The so-called Wednesday routine that I had in mind turned into something so big and important, that even after moving from Old Town Scottsdale, I still make the effort to drive to Papago Amphitheater for NP workouts, and sweat and train with my friends, my tribe.
Yesterday (Tuesday March 20) was the 1st day of spring also known as No-Rouz (New Day) which is the 1st day of the Persian/Iranian solar calendar. Today at the bounce my tribe chanted No-Rouz Mo-Barak (which means: Happy New Day, or Happy New Year) to celebrate with me and worked out with me.
I am so grateful for this tribe and the fearless leaders Jackie and Trevor for accepting me in their workouts, for inviting me to their homes, for racing with me, for encouraging me to do more, get faster, and go longer.

Happy New Year to ya’ll & Namaste

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