A week of love….

Heart Group Shot


This week was filled with L.O.V.E, Mondays were hugs galore, with extra hugs, extra sweat and only 310jump squats.

Ok, so Monday, we played games with hearts, or cards, but it was definitely a challenge, and worth every burpee and jump squat thrown at us.  The crew showed up, they bounced, they did weird things, then they smiled, and hugged a stranger/friend, and felt alive.  Monday’s are meant to be epic, and this one hit the mark.

Wednesday rolled around, and for some reason, everyone got weird, everyone wanted to hold hands, smile, wink, it was like some weird fairy dust sprinkled all over the tribe.  Or…..it could’ve been something rubbing off of Ben and Kelly.  The recently made famous by Dooster and the entire November Project world, this couple was beaming.  Milwaukee leader Ben (that’s his whole name) and Kelly are now ‘Belly’ (I mean they kinda have to have a combined name, its what happens when famous people get hitched), showed up to YYC’s morning stairs, and we kinda did so much more than that.  We got real, and expressed our love for each other by running/doing stairs in hearts, touch one anothers hands, oh and here is where it gets interesting, we then proceeded to hit a park and do push-ups on someone, yep, it was all about the human love, and what can happen when famous people are around.  Once it was all said and done, it just went to a whole new level, half the group went down on one knee, and proceeded to propose to someone else, I mean, even Belly had asked others, the best part was, they all said ‘YES!’

Today was amazing humans, doing amazing things, no exception to that rule.

Watch ‘the social media’ for upcoming location, this is one of those weeks, that could be epic like every week, just with a little twist on location.  Also, get your hair did, your skin treated, your lip balm on, we have year book photo’s coming up!!

Marriage proposal


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