A Wacky, Wild, Inflatable, Tubey Wednesday.

When the sun is lazy and the winter gets cold, November Project is a very hot spot.

There’s no better place to feel and be young, November Project, November Project, November Project  mmmmm have some fun.

So get into running, yelling and bouncing, feel the excitement, prime on the action. We’re having a good time under the (winter) sun.

November Project, November Project, November Project come and have some fun!

Don’t worry Saul is back on Friday and we’ll resume great content again!

Have a Wacky, WIld, Inflatable, Tubey Wednesday!


  1. MONDAYS WORKOUT ANNOUNCED ON A WEDNESDAY!! what?!?!  Meet us here at the little boat house by Jamaica Pond
  2. Kelly Cardino, the one-named-wonder Bosco and Sugarmama are hosting a toy drive next Wednesday.  Bring any and all toys to the workout, give to them and they’ll coordinate a drop off!
  3. Saul’s leading a charge tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 6:30am at the Cafe Nero by Fenway! Here
  4. I think that is all. You can resume your wacky, wild, inflatable, tubey Wednesday!
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