A Sappy Story for Your Wednesday #NPLove

The congratulations continued as tribe members made their way from their cozy beds to the not so crisp air in Minneapolis this morning. With a #heatwave upon us and my most recent news, not only I, but our whole tribe was buzzing with energy. There have been a few instances at #NP_MSP workouts where I’ve felt so overcome with positivity and emotion that I tear up but always for others’ stories, never my own.

Today was different.

On Sunday, November 1st, 2015 I left my home  to go on what I thought was a run to celebrate November Project’s 4th Birthday. And celebrate, we did. I didn’t know that I’d come back engaged to the most wonderful, sweet, caring, and uplifting person I’ve ever met. As I sit and write this, I have tears streaming down my face, the ones I held back as my tribe congratulated me at the workout this morning. I’m so SO happy and so SO excited to start this new chapter of my life with Max and to share our love with the tribe!

NP 11-4-15 447

Max and I met on a Friday last October at an event on campus and  the first thing we ever talked about was NP.  That following Wednesday Max showed up and not only did he show up, he worked his a$$ off. He beat me on one of our toughest workouts. Not only was I impressed, I was also a little annoyed and intrigued. NP sparked something for us both. I could see back then and can still see now how passionate he is about the message NP delivers, about the hard workouts, and about the community we are both a part of here in MSP. I am so grateful that NP provided us with a platform to get to know each other, grow our relationship, and fall in love. With the positivity award in our hands this week, we’ll be sure to spread the #NPLove!

NP 11-4-15 701

Sappy Stories aside, we did do a workout today.  We did the Messenger 1.5. The original Messenger workout consists of 30 hill reps up and over Gold Metal Hill, each beginning on the minute. The Messenger 1.5 consists of 35 of those hill reps..as if it needed to be any harder! today’s workout was brutal, way to go tribe!

NP 11-4-15 665


Fridays: get there! UMN boathouse, 6:27am. #stairsforbreakfast

Sunday November 4th, 2015: #BetterThanBedtime!! We’ll meet on the sidewalk outside of the Longfellow Grill at 3pm. Wear black and white! The loop will be ~5 miles or so. It’s an out and back so it can be made shorter if needed. Drinks at Longfellow after (around 4pm)!

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