A Monday at the beach (Ottawa)

This holiday Monday was a special morning, spent at the beach. I mean, when else would you go to the beach at 6:29am on a holiday Monday? At November Project, that’s when!

A huge shout out to the masterminds behind a journey around the globe to all the NP beach cities. Touring around from Ottawa, Miri, Virginia Beach, Kelowna, San Diego, Orlando, Milwaukee, rolling the dice to determine the fate of your partner’s next move. Kelly and Rebecca rallied the troops, bounced to start the morning and kicked off an amazing start to the holiday Monday. Giving yourself just those couple extra hours of time on a beautiful day, with a positive start with wonderful people is the way to go.

The morning was topped off with a cup relay, that may have resulted in the cool down everyone needed by the end of the workout. Liz and I absolutely love our November Project mornings. In those moments when we are not in town, and both away at the same time together, we are very grateful for the community that we know is in good hands. We know when a new person shows up, that they will be welcomed by others, and have a positive first experience with November Project. Thank you to Kelly and Rebecca for taking charge, and thank you to all those who showed up and took the lead to keep things going around. We appreciate you all.

Happy Monday to you all. Thank you for sharing your morning, your energy and your time with us.

See you Wednesday!


  1. Wednesday- 6:29am at Lansdowne, outside the stadium at the Aberdeen Pavillion. Bring a friend!
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