A look back….to move forward!


Looking back over the past few months, because your co-leaders have been slacking….where to start.  We’ve had some incredible things happen, hugged some incredible new humans, and grown within our community.  November Project Calgary, has made noise, and people are hearing us.

We’ve gone from park tours, exploring some incredible secret spots in Calgary, to finding a new Monday home because of  it, at least for the next month.  Our bounces have become even more weird, our workouts have pushed us harder, and our family has become tighter.  We’ve passed out the positivity award to some fierce humans, and we’ve gained a new award, each Wednesday our super human cape is given out (gift from our homey’s in Chi-town), from one of you to one of you, and its really made everyone pay attention to those that have shown up around them.

In this time, November Project Summit happened, all the co-learders all over North America gathered in one spot (ok, you can imagine this and how weird it was, and how crazy we all are), Park Lake City, Utah, to run the North Face Endurance Challenge, and to collab on the whats what in the November Project world.  What we learned, will remain a secret.  That is all.  Ok no really though, the race was incredible, the whole weekend was off the hook.  People from all the tribes drove, walked, flew, and made a point to be there, even a few of our own, drove out, and flew to make it to this epic weekend.  We also added two more cities, making November Project alive in 26 cities, yep this shit is good, and if your just learning this now, then your in luck, cause its still growing.

We continued to have our media takeovers, and showed up in front of some more television stations, and get them all fired up.  They didn’t know what to do, besides come outside and ask us to be quiet (ummm, what, not sure what that is), and we’ve got another one up our sleeves….its coming, stay tuned on this channel for updates.

We had a fucking awesome run to social, better than bedtime. An event where you all showed up, and didn’t know where you were going, just that you had to dress up in either a black or white chess pieces, and run to a destination, where you knew there would beer (selling point).  We ended up at an awesome pub, where they gave us our first round free, and we went from there, getting to know each other outside of those morning workouts, and bonding even more, there was still sweat, but there was beer, or I mean time to socialize.

While the summer we add to our crew, the winter is when family is created, humans show up no matter what, workouts will warm you up, and being there with all those people, you forget what those lil numbers said.

Ok, if I summed everything up, it would take hours of writing, and probably half that to read it, so instead, I am gonna leave it here. Just know that, its been a ride, its been crazy, its been real, its been amazing, and its only up from here.

To be Con’t….(but current).

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