6th Birthday Buff Bash

Happy Birthday NP YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

Today was our birthday, and it was awesome. Well over 100 of you showed up and we had you safely divided into 4 groups. Our resident photographer Mel did such an incredible job capturing the joy of the workout, that this will be a photo blog. THANK YOU MEL!

But before that, today is Global Running day and our partners Brooks are donating $1 to the Equal Justice Initiative for every person who signs up and runs 5km before June 7th, so please follow this link, sign up, and get out there and run.


This morning started with sunny smiles as we gathered in our groups at the field area.
The theme was BUFFS!
And y’all did not disappoint!
Big thanks to Dom who helped us out this morning!
We all worked hard (and Carter supervised).
We ran.
We jumped.
We yelled out with joy.
Kristjana carried on her multi year, giant ballon tradition.
Robbie got a ride.
We gathered back at the field.
Papa D led a group for us. Thanks for staying out of retirement another week, to help us run the workouts safely and smoothly!
Junel radiated joy -as he always does.
We held the first ever, socially distant Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championship.
Leaslie was named WORLD CHAMPION!
Yvette ‘Pride Rocked’ Robbie.
We capped it off with a group yell.
And Cranked Energy Bars sent us all home with a boost in our step, ready to tackle the day. Thank you Cranked for fuelling NP YWG!
Not pictured, thank you to Mark Eadie who was our videographer today, we can’t wait to see what you captured. I chose Carter as a stand in because both Mark and Carter have a sick flow.
Thank you for celebrating with us this morning.
Keep showing up.
Keep smiling.
And we’ll see you on Friday.

That’s all for now.

-Trolling M

ps. Thank you to my sweet, soon to be husband, for NOT making me late this morning. Nathaniel you’re an early morning star.

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