4 months in

Oakland officially came on as a November Project city exactly 16 weeks ago, and today was our third PR Wednesday as NP_OAK. The tribe is still out there hammering those stairs, crushing those burpees, setting course records, pushing yourselves and one another to be your best, and BEAT your best. Your grit and support for one another is inspiring every week, but PR Wednesday especially.

So now that we’ve built the foundation of love, support, hard work, and community,  it’s time to focus on growing it. This September, we’re embarking on a RECRUITING CHALLENGE. Bring your friends, neighbors, family, bus driver, barista, etc. As you saw this morning, all ages, abilities, and fitness levels are always welcome. We’ll have a spreadsheet for you to track your recruits, and prizes at the end of the month. 

But for now, nice work out there today! And thanks to Benny, for the amazing pictures, as always. 

Happy Hour: next Wednesday at 6 PM is our monthly happy hour at Lost & Found Beer Garden, because 45 minutes in the morning in never enough time to catch up with new and old friends.
Recruiting Challenge: all of September! 

Summit: is coming up! North Face Endurance Challenge Series at Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin

p.s.- If you read the whole blog, come and find us next week. Say “Bird is the Word” and we have a prize for you. 

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