Creating the Norm

Here’s the deal, November Project San Diego, plain and simple:



Why, you ask?  What do we do?  What makes us so great?

-We cheer just as hard for first as we do for last

-We welcome EVERYONE.

-Our complaints are far and few between.

-Our positivity is borderline annoying (keep it up!)

-Our most experience athletes are just as impressed and inspired by our newest athletes as our newest athletes are to our most experienced (No matter the fitness level, everyone inspires everyone)

-We measure success on progress made, not records broken.

-We praise hard work. Period.

-We don’t except half ass versions of our fellow tribe members; We bring out the best in one another.

-We don’t limit ourselves; we extend our reach and spread our vibe EVERYWHERE we go.

-We give, we help, we care, at the drop of a dime.

-We dance like no one is watching, even if everyone is watching!

-Our hugs are real.  They count.  And when we give them, we mean it.

-We follow our own path with confidence, and it’s working.  And our path is wide enough to fit anyone that might wander our way.

-Our tribe is changing the way San Diego, the world, thinks about fitness, community, and collective effort.


We are unique.  We are out of the norm.  We don’t follow traditional guidelines, or abide by standard rules and practices.  But that’s not the point.  In fact, we show up to attack the morning every Monday and Wednesday, not in effort to remain one of a kind, but in attempt to rid our unique qualities, and pull ourselves out of the abnormal.  When we say #worldtakeover, we mean it.  We’re slowly but surely making November Project the norm.  The values we all posses, and the message we’re spreading, with all of our effort, will become part of the average.  We will indoctrinate November Project (the concept) into the vernacular of our neighbors, and our neigbor’s neighbors, and they’re neighbor’s neighbors, and… you get the point.

It feels good sometimes to be unique, but we’re not that selfish.  November Project is for everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to drink that sweet, sweet koolaid.  The label doesn’t matter.  November Project is an idea.  And bet your ass this idea is worth spreading.  Our vibe is undeniable, our momentum unstoppable.  Step by step, workout by workout, let’s give what WE have to the rest of the world.





#MileChallege #TrackTuesdays #VoyTrack – Point Loma Nazarene Track.  TOMORROW morning, waves begin at 6:25AM.  Get there early to warm up!  At the start of January we timed a mile at the track.  We’ve had a month to get #fastAF, and now it’s time to put our hard work to the test.  If you missed the first mile, who cares, show up anyway!

#grassrootsgear – We’ll be tagging next Monday at the Model Yacht Pond.  Hopefully with the wind on our side!

Cupid’s Undie Run: February 20th.  Strip down.  Race.  Have a blast!  50% off code: YALLGOOD

#weatherspoof – Edmonton, Alberta, CA works out in -30* temperatures (thats NEGATIVE 30!).  San Diego has occasional sprinkles, and sometimes it gets a little windy.  We have NO EXCUSES!  #justshowup



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  1. Yeah, I’ve been looking at other Tribes across the nation…man, DC is shoveling snow from random peoples driveways!?!?!? RESPECT! pretty crazy, hardcore and truly weatherproof! Unless I am sick or my kids make trouble I am IN!! Thanks to you Angelo, Ashleigh, Lauren and Brogan for pushing us….

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