Calgary, we are awesome! we are rad! shit these stairs, aint so bad!

Oddly chilly this morning, a weird change from waking up to plus 17C every morning. everyone started huddling, a few bold ones lost layers right of the bat, and we started to bounce.

Everyone seemed ready to work hard this morning. We got right into it. It was a little quite, but determination was shining through everyone. That is probably one of the things I love the most about NP. Everyone, no matter how fast or slow, puts in the same effort and shares the same experience together. That feeling of your heart exploding at the top of your first set of stairs, that relief when you get to the bottom, rested, only to see someone turn around and jump back at it, making you feel, hey! I can do this again…

Confession. I love the stairs workout. I love how hard it is, and how you cant cheat at it. You have to get to the top, there is no way around it. its the same work for everyone.

Anyways, Enough rambling. A couple of things to remember. This wednesday is at Millz again. But next monday! we are switching to millenium park and stairs will be on wednesdays. a nice little change I think!

NP summit is coming up for the end of september, lets get this tribe out there and represent YYC to the rest of the world! Lots of people are looking for team members as well for the Relay Marathon. It’ll be wild! come!

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