My First Ultra-Marathon on the Playground of the Gods – Heather Bray

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by powerful athlete, amazing woman, loving mom, beautiful human & talented writer – Heather Bray ( @hulahooprunner )
Sit back, relax, enjoy the read and let the words below take you on a journey, a 53 kilometer jou
rney – an ultra- marathon!

Six months ago, I booked a flight to Cyprus. It was not because of a promise of charming villages, expansive coastlines, ancient history, mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, or an island encapsulated by the sun three hundred-plus days of the year, though these facts were persuasive. The reason to go to Cyprus, also known as the playground of the gods, was because a fellow November Project Tribe Member, Antoinette, had offered me a chance to run my first ultramarathon and I, as most avid runners would do, greedily accepted. read more