Bust Your Astoria (NYC)

Ooohhh. Aaaahhhh #trackisback

November Project NYC is kicking of 2020 with some track events because #trackisback! Bust Your Astoria will happen this Saturday, January 11th at 10:15am at the recently renovated Astoria Track in Astoria, Queens. The meet will have several events:

  • Mile time trial (multiple heats and all paces welcome)
  • The 1st Annual Gary McLaughlin Denim Mile™ (jeans or jean shorts, aka jorts, required)
  • 4×4 relay: find a friend or 3 and run a loop that isn’t Central Park
  • Food and running event: Mini-Krispy Kreme donut mile. Gluten free option TBD.

Sign up for the events here.

For those who are inexperienced or completely new to track distances allow me to explain:
-A full lap on a track is 400 meters, we use the metric system for track because it’s much easier than saying a lap is 1312.34 feet. Four laps is 1600 meters. If you want to run a mile it’s 1609.34 meters so just a little bit longer than 4 laps.
-A 4×4 is relay where four people each run one lap, 400 meters, around a track. Four people running 400 meters is shortened to 4×4. read more