You’ve got more in the tank

WOW. BEYOND WOW. Holy GUACOMOLE Ottawa. That was unreal.  Can you believe that we get to head back into that stadium next week? Can you believe that you will run that PR Day again and try to complete one more section or finish two full tours in 29 minutes and 23 seconds?  Lots of firsts this morning, for some it was your first bounce, your first introduction to the culture and community of November Project but for every single person that showed up this morning it was yours and our first stadium PR day.  Sharing this morning with you, the stranger beside you and the person you cheered on in the section beside you was undeniably the best part of our day and probably week, that is until next Wednesday. But before we head back into the stadium did you leave it all out there this morning? Was there anything left in your tank?  read more