6 o’ one, 1/2 dozen of the other (ORL)

Springing our clocks ahead an hour this week was perfect timing for the elusive leprechauns of central Florida to come out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a wee bit early. We got things rolling with a magically delicious Lucky Charms relay warmup. Even though Ray was caught rainbow handed- illegally using those mitts, his team still could not overcome Team 1 who came out as the victors in this exercise. illegal use of the hands ⬆️proper form ⬆️⬇️Would they be able to keep the momentum up as we moved right in to the main competition? Teams could choose any three out of eight exercises, and complete 17 reps of each action. Then, they got to run-following a rainbow route that led them back to the main deck and directly to a pot of coins. There they drew one at random, and if it was gold, they had the luck of avoiding the 3 burpee penalty and banking that gold coin for their team. If they were just as lucky, they choose blue, purple or silver, threw it back in the pot, got to do the three burpees and start fresh from the top with another set of 3/17. Depending on your outlook, all teams could be considered winners on Wednesday. While Team Three brought home the most gold coins, thus doing the least burpees and winning chocolate, Teams One, Two and Four got to do bonus burpees and avoid the temporarily satisfying confections. No matter how many Blarney Burpees, Shamrock Shuffles, Dublin Dips or Jameson Jumping Jacks those lucky little leprechauns did, they were all eligible for a Tubthumping burnout of half burpees, planks and squats that left the lads and lasses quite knackered! So, it’s hard to name real winner, when it’s 6 o’ one and a 1/2 dozen of the other! As always, we are thrilled that you show up week after week to improve yourselves and encourage others to do the same. The shenanigans and friendly competitions that we come up with would not be possible without your participation. Now, get out there this weekend, celebrate your roots-have some corned beef, taters and Guinness-you earned it and, well, everyone’s a wee bit Irish this weekend! read more