Start 2019 on the Trails (SF)

It’s that time of the year again! Time to set your goals for 2019. And what goal list wouldn’t be complete without a few races?!

We missed our ECSCA race this year due to forest fires so NPSF is rallying behind Run for Amma. This is a great local charity race. The proceeds from the race go to support cancer research. There is a 10k, 30k, and 50k option. Something for every level! Sign up here (discount code: NPSF) and join us as we train together. read more

Phoenix Takeover


There is a popular volcanic mountain range outside of Flagstaff, called the San Francisco Peaks. Popular belief has it that they were named that because you could see San Francisco from the top (they were actually named for St. Francis a full 150 years before the city). Now the city of San Francisco may have its name changed to New Phoenix in honor of the earthquake that rumbled through this weekend.

You may or may not be aware that many in the Phoenix tribe ran/cheered for The North Face Endurance Challenge California. If not, here’s photo evidence. Our last count was 79 individuals, in case anyone from San Diego asks or is reading. It was a hit; a monumental, finding-out-that-mountain-is-actually-a-giant-turtle-and-you-will-fight-it hit.

We brought the party to SF. Friday was off the chain, despite many of us being put into our place after deciding a few miles run to the workout wouldn’t be a big deal (spoiler: There are hills. So many goddamn hills.). The wind was howling, the thermometer in a parka. But we crushed the workout and earned our #ECSCA tag.

Saturday, at the race, found most of us huddled around the fire like a waddle of penguins. I’m pretty sure I saw Mike huddling over Jackie Price as if protecting an egg. But that didn’t stop us from owning the day. David Jessie Hurdle made quick work of the 50k en route to being the first person in #grassrootsgear to finish. He beat about a dozen leaders from various tribes, including one of the Big Guys. The rest of us were left to show what Phoenix is made of by way of the marathon relay, and we made our presence known.

We had some time before the NP post-race party on Saturday night, much to the chagrin of the bartender at Hockey Haven. Ohhh Saturday night. It started innocently enough, with some light bevvies and decent selection of tunes. However, the night was nearly derailed when someone decided to record their mix tape, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Realizing this as their bat call, our fearless team quickly jumped to action. DJ Drew took over the music; Party Kendra, Frisco Ashley and the Slowpokes the dance floor. Others the bar. The night was saved.

We learned a lot about each other this weekend, and grew closer than ever. We grew as a tribe, made close friends, and became the most beloved tribe in the process. And more importantly, we PUT PHOENIX ON THE MAP. Now take it light this week: I hear Erik will be schooling people in DDR this weekend.


NOTE: This post is not intended to discount anybody who crushed their weekend here in Arizona, nor shame them for not coming. It was merely a wonderful weekend for the tribe, and we are being celebrated throughout November Project. Embrace that, whether you were there or not: you are an integral part of that success.