November Project Asia (Part 2) – Miri, Malaysia, PR Day by Brogan Graham

Before the gun goes off on this piece of writing, this race of imperfectly lined up words, I’d like to mention to any new readers to my stories, that I write the way I think; All over the place, fast, often using wrong words, very passionate about NP, regularly jumping around in topics, sometimes jumbling the timeline, slipping in & out of reality, and many many more curveballs that may buck you off – This piece was 7 pages on Google Docs, and I cut none of it. If you take anything away from this blog post (WISCONSIN NOTES condensed table of contents here) it is that I miss the intensity that seemed to surround PR Day and am willing to travel to the other side of the planet to see if its there. The fact is, it is there, right there in the dark in Miri, Malaysia. Also, this isn’t your travel blog about the culture, the food, the sights to see, and why you should visit Malaysia this winter. This is a PR Day experience. I hope you enjoy November Project Asia Part 2 first, with Part 1 coming soon. See, I told you it wouldn’t be easy to follow. Good luck.
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