Bust Your Astoria (NYC)

Ooohhh. Aaaahhhh #trackisback

November Project NYC is kicking of 2020 with some track events because #trackisback! Bust Your Astoria will happen this Saturday, January 11th at 10:15am at the recently renovated Astoria Track in Astoria, Queens. The meet will have several events:

  • Mile time trial (multiple heats and all paces welcome)
  • The 1st Annual Gary McLaughlin Denim Mileâ„¢ (jeans or jean shorts, aka jorts, required)
  • 4×4 relay: find a friend or 3 and run a loop that isn’t Central Park
  • Food and running event: Mini-Krispy Kreme donut mile. Gluten free option TBD.

Sign up for the events here.

For those who are inexperienced or completely new to track distances allow me to explain:
-A full lap on a track is 400 meters, we use the metric system for track because it’s much easier than saying a lap is 1312.34 feet. Four laps is 1600 meters. If you want to run a mile it’s 1609.34 meters so just a little bit longer than 4 laps.
-A 4×4 is relay where four people each run one lap, 400 meters, around a track. Four people running 400 meters is shortened to 4×4. read more

‘Going Dutch’ – Guestblog by Edoardo Valvo

You can hear his voice from miles away, his laughter is contagious, he know how to hold the attention of the crowd.. he if fit as f*ck, fast as f*ck and funny as f*ck.
He knows the words to Britneys’ hit me baby on more time’ ( thank you NP karaoke night for teaching us this gem )
He never steps away from a challenge and is always ready to #raceeverything !
In less than 40 days he will be at the starting lines of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, barely recovered from injury but hey, who would pass up on a day froliking in the Italian mountains for 87 – EIGHTY SEVEN – kilometers!

Here’s a guestblog by our favorite Italian on ‘going Dutch’ 😉
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Is it just me.. or are my legs going to be hungover tomorrow – YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

  • Winter clothing donation
  • Friday November 16th – LAST OUTDOOR FRIDAY
  • FAFFBMH (can’t figure this out..? keep reading)
  • Positivity Award goes to….

When you wake up tomorrow morning, and wonder why it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi truck..just remember about that beautiful bridge that links the Forks to St-Boniface and reminisce about the fact that you lunged there yesterday morning..and ..oh yeah..then waited in various forms of squats until the leaders said to partner up. The shortest of the pair was to run to the end of the bridge and back towards their bear-crawling partner and switch until you both make it back to the Forks. I’m giving myself full bragging rights about being the best and fastest bear-crawler out there! I’m fully open to a challenge, if anyone is up to it. We also did some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you about …cuz FOMO. read more

Oh Captain, Our (NYRR) Captain.

A Guest Blog by Erica Silbiger:

Pictured here: the mental boost when you see November Project.

What many people don’t know is that the November Project is a registered racing team through  the New York Road Runners (NYRR). This means that no matter where you are from or what tribe you workout with, if you select November Project as your team affiliation when registering for a NYRR race, you are considered a member of the November Project Racing Team. By being a member you have the ability to score points for the team which are tallied up at the end of the year and awards are handed out to the top teams in the city at a massive party called Club Night.

Yes, these points are based off of speed, however, there is one other award which is my personal favorite. The Team Spirit Award. This award is presented to the team that #justshowsup. And what other team just shows up more than those who also #wakeupthesun? That award has our name on it. This award goes to the team that has the biggest and loudest cheer squad with the highest participation during the race. We’ve won this award two of the last three years of this team existing (mic drop). Additionally, the Women’s Team has consistently placed in the top 3 in the Open B Division while the Men’s Team were recently moved to the Open A Division. This means that the Men’s Team now competes in the most competitive local club series =&0=&

By the end of 2017 we had 758 registered members of the November Project Racing Team making us one of the largest teams in New York City. None of this would have been possible without Captain Myles Fennon who started this racing team three years ago, not realizing then how big, fast, loud, and amazing it would become. I am humbled to have been chosen as the next Captain when he retired last December and happy to announce that the Women’s Team is now in first place after placing second at the Team Championships last weekend.

What does being your Captain mean? It means that I represent you at Club Council meetings and give you a voice. These meetings give every team a chance to have a say in what happens in the NYRR running community. It means that I can answer any questions you have about racing with NYRR whether it’s a Club Points Race or non-Club Points Race (what is a club points race?). It means that I make sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes so that your race day is flawless and hopefully without you noticing. It means that I am your go-to rep if you’re coming in town to run the NYC Marathon or even better, to cheer for the NYC Marathon. I manage the racing Facebook page that gives you all of the race day essentials like pre-race photo op, the bounce, course strategy, cheer squad location, etc. There are also tips and tricks on how to get faster or how to run hills or as Captain Emeritus Myles used to say how to “run the tangents!” It means that I am so proud of what this team has accomplished and can’t wait to see where it’s going. After 5 years of working out with the November Project, I have seen this incredible movement morph and evolve into the beautiful creature that it is today. But being Captain of this team has been, by far, the most humbling experience of it all.

All too often I get emails and messages asking if someone should sign up for a race if they are “slow” and feel like they will bring the team average down. No such thing as being too fast or too slow. My response is always and will always be that I don’t care about your speed, I care if you are there and doing your best. The best thing about being a NYRR racing team is that it gives us a chance to spread the love and positivity to the local running community. So if you’re already in NYC or you are traveling to NYC, you already know that our motto is #justshowup and whether that means showing up to score the team points, to run your own personal best (whatever that means for you that day), or to cheer your face off in the most neon outfit you can find, just. show. up.


Team Captain, November Project Racing Team


“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon,” wrote Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run Boston. With all due respect to the LEGENDARY Ms. Switzer, I’d like to amend her quote to, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and cheer for a marathon.” Cheer for everyone. The elites brushing past at a pace that seems untenable yet looks effortless. The people running in costumes. The total hardos. Cheer for every dang runner — down to the last person.

Folks, racing season is upon us once again. If you’re not training for something, you’ve likely heard a friend say one of the following phrases:

“I can’t … I’m racing tomorrow.”

“Oh, I want to but, I’m tapering.”

“Have you heard about [insert fun race here] I’m doing it, you should join!”

By the time spring rolls around and we begin to shake off the cobwebs from our dormant race shoes, it seems like everyone is signed up for something, right? Racing is fun. Racing is cool. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can test yourself. First 5k? How about trying a new distance? How about shooting for a PR?
  • You can push yourself. This seem obvious, and we say it all the time (#raceeverything right?), but a spring race — given how varied the distances are, not to mention, how idyllic the conditions can be — is a tremendous opportunity to train hard, go all out, and really test your limits
  • You can scare the shit out of yourself. When was the last time you did something that truly, genuinely scared you? Racing is one of the last real fronts we have. To work harder than you ever have. To feel better than you’ve ever known. To fail — yes, that happens, and IT’S OKAY. We pick ourselves up, move on, and press forward.
  • read more

    November Project Races The Cotton Bowl

    Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Jessica Tobias
    Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

    Today was the culmination of months of preparation, community organizing, and tribe dedication as NOVEMBER PROJECT DALLAS. Trending today #NP_Dal hastag for the socials. People attended a workout at Cotton Bowl at 6 am this morning. The energy and atmosphere was amazing! All of these souls came together as a community to share positive energy and get a sweat on. Being the last Wednesday of the month and our first official day in the Cotton Bowl, it was our inaugural stadium PR day (full tour starting at section 36 and going all the way around the stadium back to section 1). The course around the Cotton Bowl is quite varied with some section climbing much higher than others, as well as some sections with bleachers that have backs–moving people to stairs. The stadium is challenging mentally, physically and technically.

    #NP_Dal Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

    The bounce: Went along the lines of shouts and yells to the rain Gods thanking them it didn’t pour on us. If the rain would have come we would still have trucked on as our tribe hashtag is #weatherproof.

    The workout went flawlessly as the people of Dallas attacked the Cotton Bowl with energy and enthusiasm. Taking off in waves, the people began the quest to complete the Cotton Bowl in under 40 minutes and some even trying to set the standard for all others to match. Tribe members new and old embraced the workout shouting out encouragement and giving hugs and high five mid workout (don’t forget the occasional shout of “y’all good?”). AS the race around the Cotton Bowl moved to the middle, the sections get longer/taller and legs began to shake as the lactic acid pooled in muscles. Slowly the lungs began to burn, but the smiles never-the-less persisted embracing the suck. This pain is the pain of a quality workout which, makes you a better, faster athlete, and brings the community together. Why? Because you conquered hell together!

    Check out the live news video!


    We want to give an amazing shout out to everyone that came this morning because you woke up and decided that today you were gonna ignore the snooze on your alarm and put in work. You got a killer workout in before Dallas was even awake.

    Top Male Winner: Hazel Miranda

    To those who completed a full tour–no matter the time–it is an amazing accomplishment, congrats!

    Top Female Finisher: Hazel Miranda

    To Camilio Sanchez our first dude and unknown women smiling so hard for her PR photo who were the respective top male and female finishing in unknown and unknown times amazing job setting the standard for everyone to chase after! Everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zones by waking up early and taking on the Cotton Bowl, and you all deserve a huge hug.

    #NP_Dal Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

    This day did not happen overnight it, came from within the tribe. We asked for help to get into a stadium and our tribe delivered! Chris stepped up and let us know that he has contacts in the city and fair park. This led us to Jessie who embraced the idea of continuing Fair Park’s mission statement of growing the Dallas community through fitness with November Project. These two worked tirelessly over the past few months to make this day a reality. We thank you for that! Without you two this day would not be possible! Thank you to Hoist and Social Revolt for helping expand our reach in the Dallas community by sending the word out through your PR machines! And an super shout out to Hoist for supplying water to all the people who partook in the workout! Thank you to photographers Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography and Jessica Tobias who took the beautiful shots you see here (and we will upload more to fb shortly)! Thank you to the drone pilot Sparky Sorensen of Sparky’s Video Productions who took some amazing shots for us to share with you and our dope ass DJ Derick Abram a.k.a. DJ Astronaut.

    #NP_Dal Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

    This day was the start of a new chapter in November Project Dallas as we spread the free fitness and positive vibe movement throughout the city.

    #NP_Dal Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

    Thank you for just showing up and bringing everyone you know! Remember we will be there no matter the weather. We are the steadfast rock and will always be there for a hug and a sweat session! We hope to see you again at our weekly workouts!


    Wednesday Winspear Opera House 6:15am

    Thursday W Hotel Dallas 6:15am

    Friday Kessler Park (1199 Kessler Parkway) 6:15am


    Your Free Fitness Tribe:




    Instagram: @NovemberProjectDallas

    Facebook: @NovemberProjectDallas

    Twitter: @Nov_Project_Dal