A Normal Wednesday. Except.

Camera clicks and high-five claps careened recklessly off the buttes. A workout paid for in sweat; buckets and buckets of sweat. No different from any other Wednesday. Except.

Perla was there. Her shirt was on point.

Concrete steps reached out zealously, thirsty for blood. Still we ran them. Up, down. Going nowhere but here. No different from any other Wednesday. Except. read more

She Runs

Wisconsin Notes

  • Buffs are on order. If you want one, get $5 to me via PayPal, cash, Venmo, or whatever new app the kids are using nowadays.
  • SF/ECSCA is a month away!
  • We will be screening a short (~30 min) documentary film one evening during the third week of November to commemorate the five-year anniversary of November Project. Cost is free. We recommend you invite everyone you know.
  • Go buy dice right this instant

She runs, she runs, she runs, she runs.

Nothing answers and she runs. Footsteps pock the desert floor, an auburn snowfall in their wake. The rustle of nocturnal animals against the shrubs as her presence startles them to action. Unaware, she runs.

Muscles, joints, ligaments tighten and relax, tighten and relax, tighten and relax. Synapses fire. She traverses the rocky landscape. Malnourished palo verde branches reach out, tear at her clothing, beg for escape. She runs. read more