You didn’t know? Now you know!

Doing a little Sunday Workout with the tribe because we wanted to celebrate a 5 day long weekend.

The recap:

Crate Escape.

Victor is hearing Impaired but still volunteered to share his story. He typed it out so I can read it to the tribe while he signed it. We thank him for being inclusive with us and also because he is a Badass! Recently finished 5 in the Veterans category in 12KM for MerdekaRun 2017

Our latest edition of crate escape was small in numbers but the 20 some that did show up brought their willingness to share and as always, the positive vibes. We didn’t get any volunteers to share their story except the always fast and badass Victor but the rest were opened to stepping up to the crate when their names we drawn. We had 9 tribe members step up to share about changes in their lives since being in the tribe. Most shared about fitness, personality and mentality change; from never running to tackling 10kms/21kms, others talked about being more open and talking to strangers and some shared about how the tribe have inspired them, and made them more comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zone. All in all, as individuals and as a tribe, we have come a long ways but always with the love and support of each other. read more