‘Going Dutch’ – Guestblog by Edoardo Valvo

You can hear his voice from miles away, his laughter is contagious, he know how to hold the attention of the crowd.. he if fit as f*ck, fast as f*ck and funny as f*ck.
He knows the words to Britneys’ hit me baby on more time’ ( thank you NP karaoke night for teaching us this gem )
He never steps away from a challenge and is always ready to #raceeverything !
In less than 40 days he will be at the starting lines of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, barely recovered from injury but hey, who would pass up on a day froliking in the Italian mountains for 87 – EIGHTY SEVEN – kilometers!

Here’s a guestblog by our favorite Italian on ‘going Dutch’ 😉
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