Hills with a Skyline View (ATL)

Wisconsin Notes

  • We arrived at our workout spot and a bootcamp was there. We kept our distance, worked out, and they told us that we should have moved somewhere else in the park. Free park dudes!
  • The local TV station, WSB-TV, came out to shoot epic video of us running up the side of a hill.
  • Skyline views were in the background the whole workout.

  • We had our first kid come to the workout. Lana CRUSHED IT. (turns out she does Tough Mudder kids workouts!!!)
  • We had perhaps the most international tribe of all the NPs this morning…
    • Peter Collins from Montreal
    • Tribe member Lulu’s bro from London
    • NP Philly #traverbal

    • Speaking of Peter… he has the MOST TAGGED shirt!
    • Peter also wins the award for the best faces for photos.

    • We did NOT pose for photos running up the hill. Not at all.


    April 8 – Atlanta Streets Alive 

    Christian will be out at ASA as an activity partner, leading fun pop-up workouts and spreading NP love! Come stop by and help us get that #grassroots marketing!

    WED April 11 – 80’s Workout!!!

    Channeling Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, Jazzercise and more! Wear your 80s attire and prepare to have a blast! This will be group exercise format because.. of course it’s the 80s! read more