Hell Week III: Parks Unknown (VB)

Don’t let the name fool you, Hell Week III Parks Unknown was anything but hell. The parks new, the workouts intense, and the bonds strong. You could pay $200 bucks for some intense Groupon boot camp, but I promise that this free week of fitness paid so much more than physical dividends. Scrolling social media hours after the workouts, there were messages of new found friendships, humans believing in themselves again, and a burn that felt “oh so good”. The week concluded with a long overdue reunion and a bittersweet retirement. read more

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (VB)

The purpose of Destination Deck workouts is to explore and discover the unknown hidden gems in our own backyards. Sometimes tribe members voice their fears of going into a part of town they don’t know just because they have never been there before. Don’t worry guys, we got you! Us crazy Co-leaders scope out the wacky unheard of locations ahead of time because we love you. We make sure it’s awesome, safe, and accessible. Yes, sorry, sometimes we totally screw up the parking lot letter (Sorry Taylor, Maggie, Kristina & More) promise it won’t happen again. The purpose, to Never Stop Exploring. No matter if you live in a major metropolitan city or the backwoods, there will always be new places to go and new people to meet. read more