Kisses and Kilometers (Guest Blog)

Ed. Note: Today’s blog is written by Rick, a Phoenix regular who crushed the ECSCA 50k this weekend despite having to literally drag another of our tribe members (Ahmad) for a portion of the race. I actually saw (and ducked away from) both of them at the mile 20.5 aid station, as I was waiting on a ride to the finish. That’s a story for another time. Phoenix represented with 22 people in San Francisco this past weekend. read more

Phoenix Takeover


There is a popular volcanic mountain range outside of Flagstaff, called the San Francisco Peaks. Popular belief has it that they were named that because you could see San Francisco from the top (they were actually named for St. Francis a full 150 years before the city). Now the city of San Francisco may have its name changed to New Phoenix in honor of the earthquake that rumbled through this weekend. read more