Dallas’ New Groove

Today is Thursday and Thursday’s are for the W Hotel, or are they?

PR Thursday morning attendance

You’ve heard it from us a hundred times but here it is officially: Monday yes Monday is the new day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be our new official schedule. Monday: Destination Deck: We will Run, Bike, Ride to the destination for a HIIT style workout within the downtown Dallas area. The main idea is to run or sweat on your way to the destination and already be warm and jump right into the workout. This is also going to require a little research Sunday night to ensure you get to the right place at the right time. Workout location will be announced Friday at hills or Sunday on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. read more

November Project Races The Cotton Bowl

Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Jessica Tobias
Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

Today was the culmination of months of preparation, community organizing, and tribe dedication as NOVEMBER PROJECT DALLAS. Trending today #NP_Dal hastag for the socials. People attended a workout at Cotton Bowl at 6 am this morning. The energy and atmosphere was amazing! All of these souls came together as a community to share positive energy and get a sweat on. Being the last Wednesday of the month and our first official day in the Cotton Bowl, it was our inaugural stadium PR day (full tour starting at section 36 and going all the way around the stadium back to section 1). The course around the Cotton Bowl is quite varied with some section climbing much higher than others, as well as some sections with bleachers that have backs–moving people to stairs. The stadium is challenging mentally, physically and technically. read more