Dr. Strangebutt or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Weird

November Project is a bit more eccentric than your typical workout. But you already knew that.

Edmonton Notes

  • T-shirts will be here soon!
  • We will be adding some spice to PR Day. Not the workout itself, but it will be a continuation of what Jackie came up with last week.
  • It’s that time of year! Buffs will be here soon. We’ll drop an order form in the Cactus Lounge. They’ll be $5 apiece. You have until Halloween to get your order in.
  • Craft Classic is October 16. Be on the lookout for cheering station details. Contact Meaghen Sharik if you want to volunteer. Or use code NPPHX and join team NP_PHX if you want to run (do it!)

At Big Box Gym, you put in your ear buds and try not to speak with anyone, especially the dude who grunts at an EXCESSIVE volume despite the treadmill being on speed 4.5. You wipe others’ sweat off the bench, walk around looking for the other 30 lb dumbbell, and wait to finish your exercise when the guy in the cutoff shirt slides in between sets. This makes your workout to run long, causing you to miss dinner with friends. You go home and eat a bowl of cereal, alone. read more