You want me to get up at what time???


Hi my name is Erin Brucker, otherwise known as mini-Brucker or Gary’s daughter (as I often live in the shadow of this guy…. its a pretty big one). But let it be known, I am indeed my own person and also do #justshowup Wednesday mornings.

I have been apart of the NP tribe for over a year now. I stumbled upon the great Roz Huber’s Instagram a while ago and followed along where I first was introduced to something called the November Project. I had no idea what it involved except for the fact that she would post about a free workout at 6:29am. It intrigued me but, like most other people, I am not a morning person, hence I never showed up. While being pace bunnies for the Wine Country Half that year, my dad met this awesome dude named Steve Morrison who introduced him to the idea of November Project. He brought it up to me and I was like, “Yea. that’s what this cool girl Roz does. We should go.” So we went the following Wednesday together (which Gary fails to mention in his blog post). Was it easy to get up that dark, early and cold October morning? Definitely not. Was it worth it? Most definitely yes. I definitely was not expecting the loud, obnoxiousness and excitement that was THE BOUNCE. But it is still by far one of my favourite parts of starting Wednesdays. I remember being partnered with the speedy Taylor Horsting the first day and pushing to keep up. I left feeling on a high and with more friends than I had the day before. read more