Best of the Beasts (ORL)

Many of our group members saw on social media that we were bringing back the Beastmaker ladder workout, and they still showed up! These people are animals!!

Kelly & Michelle made their debut with NP Orlando, and we got right into some vocal exercises, meaning we got the bounce going with some primal roars. That got us amped up enough to tear right into the main workout. We worked our way up the ladder from 5 to 10, 15, even 20 beastmakers, and the fiercest of all worked their way right back down that ladder. If you’re wondering what exactly makes a beast, here’s the formula: burpee+push-up+side plank+push-up+side plank+push-up=1 beastmaker. 40 minutes of that, mixed in with a little down time of running and squats, and these beasts were feeling fantastic! If that wasn’t enough, we brought out the absolute best in these beasts with a hardCORE plank jack/push-up burnout to the Foo Fighters “Best of You”. It was a brutally positive Wednesday morning, as always. Oh, are you wondering how Kelly & Michelle did? Well, They are Survivors. It’s not always easy showing up and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Thanks to everyone for really working hard this morning. I saw a lot of serious effort being put in, all accompanied by that gorgeous sunrise. We hope you show up again and make November Project your uncomfortably comfortable zone. 🙃 read more