Welcome to the April Virtual Attendance Challenge

Starting today, right now, this very moment, November Project MSP is starting a month long attendance challenge. We are all holed up in isolation and if you’re anything like me, it is getting tough to kick myself out of bed to go workout by myself. So we’re here to help.

There are nine official November Project MSP workouts in April. Nine opportunities to join into the excitement with all 52 November Project cities around the globe. Collectively we are the greatest league in the world still putting on workouts in our own spaces, and you’re all a part of that, and we want to recognize your efforts. We want to reward you for going to bed early and waking up before the sun and putting in the work to make this work (or maybe you are waking up at 10 am and getting your workout in sometime before the sun goes back down – WHATEVER – we are just glad you’re there, doing your thing!). read more

Attendance Challenge and Week of Wonder (WOW!)

A couple of quick notes about some of the upcoming events around town.

Attendance Challenge

The Attendance Challenge works like this:
There is a big old attendance chart. Every time you show up, you get to check off/add a sticker/mark up the attendance chart. The challenge will run for every workout between tomorrow (November 1st) and our 6th birthday (January 25th). Throughout the challenge there will be awards and prizes for folks that show up the most, and some random prizes for just showing up that day. So keep showing up. read more