Going all in (ORL)

Wednesday morning, the group was dealt a wild card right from the start, by being given a burnout to warmup with. ACDC’s classic, ‘Thunderstruck’ set the ante at 19 burpees and everybody called that bet. The main workout was a multiple choice card game and players partnered up to choose their fate. Each person drew a card and then had the option of choosing which exercise to complete depending on which suit they drew. Hearts had the upper body working, diamonds were decidedly difficult leg exercises, spades crushed our cores and clubs were our cardiovascular conditioning. I saw lots of people drawing face cards, which gave them the opportunity to run a happy little lap by the lake. And, I saw no one choose more burpees as their cardio-which is fine, I guess– because no matter what, you have a hand in this game as long as you just show up! read more