Yup Yup Yup (DCA)

This is what’s good: we’ve cemented ourselves as a must try in DC. We’ve been put out on Thrillist, WaPo, Washingtonian, you name it. But we want people to stick. We want the community to bolster and grow because you feel it when there are 400 people yelling and bouncing. The glass half full is a lot more fun than the glass half empty.

So here’s what we gotta do: everyone person you meet, remember their name. It’s easy to get in the same rut of only saying hi to Eran each morning (dude looks that good), but you know what, let’s meet new amazing people. Turn to two people you have never met, give them a hug, say you’re glad they came, then learn more about them as a person. Let’s broaden our horizons & and broaden our friendships. Invite that super fast chick to come race Ragnar.
Cool, good talk.

Friday: Marie Reed SE Corner (we’ll be bouncing)


Love is always,

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