You’re PRetty HOT HOT HOT (YWG)

Winnipeg Notes:

  • June 6th- Birthday Workout at Investors Group Field
  • June 6th– Global running day: 5K at the Forks with YWG Lululemon
  • June 13th- Yearbook Photos: Hawaiian/ Tropical theme
  • June 17th- Manitoba Marathon
  • June 21- Peg City Scramble
  • June 22nd- Sunrise 6K
  • June 29- Trash Stigma with Junel at Garbage Hill

First thing’s first: our 4thbirthday is happening next Wednesday, June 6that IGF, rain or shine. Be there. Bring everyone. Bring your signed and printed waivers too. Remember- we meet at 6am that day, not 6:14.

Same day, June 6that 6pm, Lululemon is doing a 5k run at the Forks for Global Running Day- I can’t think of a better way to shake off that soreness!

Last week, I was away visiting Edmonton for some fam jam stuff. I was pretty pumped to explore a new city and excited to tra-verbal to NP Canada. I reached out to my pal David Gust, formally a YWG tribe member and we showed up Monday morning for the sunrise 6k. To be completely honest, running for me is 100% a love “hate” love relationship but everything is so much better when there’s cheers, smiles, dogs and hi5s – thanks for sticking by my side Dave! After the run, we met up for coffee and food and I was able to get to know some of the YEG members and Nadim- who was able to get a Wednesday verbal from Murray, as he’s the one that was going to drive me to the Stadium. Wednesdays, NP Canada hits the stairs HARD. The workout was at the Commonwealth Stadium – fun fact: it is the largest stadium in Canada, and by Sunday morning… I was still sore from the wrath of those stairs. Thanks so much for everything- you have a beautiful city! (Peter, Paul, Murray- I’m keeping you accountable to that Winnipeg tra-verbal you gave me!!)

We had some HOT numbers that showed up this morning. Started with a little plank warm up at the gauntlet- plank race and PR day wouldn’t feel complete without Green Sally. The loop was pretty sweet…I mean sweaty- everyone crushed it and went home just drenched in liquid awesome!

The positivity award was given to Jen. She is amazing, strong, fit and fast. She climbs walls, mountains, and moves them too. A couple of weeks ago, we asked the tribe to donate nonperishable food items for Winnipeg Harvest. Jen organized a climbing event where we were able to raise $110 and collected over 120 food items for our community. HUGE shout out to Vertical Adventures for hosting us and thank you Jen for making this happen. We’re so glad you’re here!



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