You’re My Boy, Blue (LAX)

Oh, college. Now it’s been a few more years for some of us than others since we’ve stepped foot on a campus, but that didn’t stop us from taking over the Sunset side of UCLA this morning.


The last couple of weeks, we’ve been throwing pretty complicated workouts your way on surfaces that are not exactly the hilliest. We went back to Hill Repeats 1o1 this week, with a gradual incline up a trail that really snuck up on you in the last 25 yards or so.


35 minutes of straight up speed work… and the tribe rocked it. I said it at the end of the workout, and I’ll say it again: You had every opportunity to quit on these hills, to say it’s okay because you’ve already done a few… who will notice? Well you didn’t. You put one foot in front of the other and encouraged your fellow tribe members to do the same, whether it was by your words or your actions.


Today we were a team that picked each other up and created an energy that is unmatched in this city, so much so that 7 minutes in Sebastian heaven couldn’t slow us down.


The tribe is strong, and it’s getting stronger by the day. Do great, LA.



  • PR Day = Tagging fresh #grassrootsgear. 1 shirt limit please, make it count! Might as well verbal on the tracker while you’re here.

NP MIXER – Wed March 30th, 8 pm, Next Door Lounge

  • Remember remember, the password is “November”
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