You’re Doing It Right

Rise and Shine San Diego!

What’s your Wednesday look like? Are you going to an office? Do you have kids to get to school? Do you work in your car? Will you be in charge of other people’s kids? Do you have to cook all day? Do you have a big meeting? Do you have a big date? Will you park yourself in a coffee shop? Do you work in a hospital all day? Do you work outdoors? Okay. Let’s be real. It’s San Diego, and we all “work” as little as possible. Regardless of what your Wednesday looks like, you started it off right! You and 143 of your closest, sweaty friends started this Wednesday off with a Fuck Yeah, and now you are unstoppable! WE are unstoppable. November Project world takeover is happening. It’s already happened. And like that little voice in the back of your head telling you to Rise and Shine, it’s not going away! So get up! Jump up! Get amped up! Because this is just the beginning! So go to your office, pick up those kids, get in your car, do whatever it is that you do on Wednesdays and do it with pride! Do it with the knowledge that you are part of something big, something epic, and don’t forget: you kick ass before most people take their morning piss.
Be Happy! Be Strong! Be BRIGHT SD!
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