“You’re A Great Sleeper!”

The beards (boys) were back in town today after our west coast tour.  We found the Tribe in excellent shape. Mad props to our babysitters–you did a great job mopping the kitchen floor and hiding all the empties.  Special thanks to Sara, Chris, and Leanne.

Today, we worked! We worked HARD!  We stole some great ideas from our co-co-leaders this weekend and didn’t waste anytime pawning these ideas of as ours.   Both the 5:28a.m. and the 6:28a.m. crushed 35 mins of just the Grotto loop (Center Loop).  Four exercises were in the rotation:

  1. Compliment Squats
  2. 30-second Plank
  3. Lunge Walks
  4. 5 Push-Upsphoto 3-1


I thoroughly enjoyed eavesdropping in on all the compliments flying around. It seems like our tribe has great smiles, sweet running shoes, and nice hats.  Very original. My favorite compliments were:

  • “You’re a great sleeper!’
  • “You have excellent penmanship!”
  • “I love your knees!”
  • “Ditto”

Our smartest tribes-member, who is also 17-yo, showed off her bada$$ math skillz by making 2 replicas of the Positivity Award. Yes, two!

photo 2-1 math

In GreenEggs AmRam’s words, “In Linear Algebra on Friday we learned how to manipulate matrices to 3D model and today I convinced my math teacher to 3D print my (simple) half-scale design of the Positivity Award with my initials on the bottom and NP NYC on the body – probably will be my most prized possession after I relinquish the real PA on Wednesday! Difficult to capture in a photo, but this is what happens when you give the award to a high school math kid!”

Friday:  BROOKLYN! WE GO HARD! We’re meeting at the Borough Hall steps at 6:28a.m.  Run there or take mass transit:   2,3,4,5 and r

Sunday:  #NP_ Carols, Meet at E. 51st & 5th Ave. (next to The Rock)at 3:25 p.m. BRING IT! Bring your best singing voices and your worst/best holiday cheer and garb.



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