Your Caucus Is Showing (DEN)

How do you follow up a blog post composed entirely of questions?  You write a blog post composed entirely of shitty haiku poetry.  If you haven’t noticed, haiku is a favorite form of expression around NP5280 headquarters.  So here I go, off into the wild blue yonder, trying like hell to be artsy.  I’ve got my beard, my skinny jeans, my fake glasses, and my flannel shirt that’s never seen a tree.

Haiku #1

We ran hills today

Governor’s Park port-o-john

Heavy breathing {cough}


I’ll call this next one Mansion

Up the mansion hill

Go Aaron, Go Jenn, Go Pat

Pat fell over, he is tired


And finally, I give you Heavy Petting

So many puppies

Sausage fingers like the dogs

Pinky pushups lift and tone


There you have it.  I’ll be submitting these to the national registry of something for my opportunity at the national poet laureate jousting competition in the fall.

In other, less rambling news, you guys crushed it today!  Headquarters is working hard to make you work hard and you’re all responding like champs!  We love that you cheer for each other.  We love that you breathe heavily.  We love that you’re busting your ass as part of this big, beautiful movement.  Mostly, we love that you just show up.  This weekend, don’t be shy.  Tell one person about November Project and bring them to the workout Wednesday at the Capitol.  You won’t regret it, and neither will they!


Warm Regards,

Major Wood


Wednesday 530/615 @ the Capitol.  BiG SURPRISE!!

5:30 Focus group
5:30 Focus group
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