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This blog is from Friday when the tribe were left to fend for themselves with babysitters Tony and Holly. Clearly, they can’t be trusted…

While Laura, Paddy, and Zip are away, Tony and Holly will play! What an amazing Friday y’all! The tribe gathered at the only building to survive (in Chinatown) the 1906 SF fire only to light a new fire in our quads. Y’all crushed California street and collectively moved more people up that hill than the Cable Cars could! We bounced to a little Zombie Nation action and probably woke up half of Chinatown (sorry Laura, Paddy, and Zip). However, no cops or disgruntled residents showed up so sorry, not sorry. We added some spice to our hill workout, Rest Hill/Best Hill where you do one comfortable climb and one all out climb, which successfully made everyone look sweaty, out of breath, and tired.

It was an awesome morning and we were incredibly honored to babysit the tribe. Let’s be honest, we know y’all were happy to get a break from the boring status quo! Getting up at the crack of dawn to run hills on Friday can seem like one of the least appealing things to do, however you all ran through the dark and showed up.

This amazing community surrounding you wouldn’t be here if y’all (and our leaders) didn’t show up to the workouts. Life throws curveballs sometimes and that’s when it’s most important to #justshowup to November Project, and also show up to support your peers. If you’re having a bad day or bad week and don’t want to talk about it with anyone, there’s a unique understanding amongst the tribespeople that you’ll be accepted, no matter what’s going on in your life and guaranteed will feel better after some sweaty hills or high fives! Don’t stop there though–think about your daily life and how November Project translates further into the world. People you pass on the street looking miserable, angry baristas and bus drivers—give them a smile, or a “How are you?” and take the time to show them you care and you appreciate them. It will go a long way and the world could use some more positivity and smiling in it! Don’t you think the cable car drivers appreciated the waves this morning? They’re normally not used to seeing that many friendly people throughout the day!

Wisconsin Notes:

Mama Lil schooled us in some Chinatown history where we learned that it was the epicenter of the plague breakout in the states … hope everyone washed their hands. Next Friday Jason Levy is on history duty!


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