You’ll feel no pain as we drive you insane (YWG)

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Wisconsin notes: Sebastien kicked our asses and rewarded us with chocolate. The tribe is growing, 200 by June. Come race April 3rd, bring #grassroots gear next Wednesday for PR day. Chantelle is the Rock Paper Push Up Champion of the World and Universe. Special thanks to Sami for the pics for today’s blog. 

Today was a great day. All of you deserved the Positivity Award. The workout was a hard one, Rick and I actually met up in person last night to make sure this one was extra difficult and rewarding. This morning I almost slept through it! Yikes. Thankfully, my little sister Yvette is in town for the week and she made sure I got there on time, and helped put the workouts into the eggs. Thanks Yvette, I owe you.


This morning was deceivingly cold, it went from +16 last Monday to -16 this morning. But we still had close to 100 people there. Everyone seemed to be in a really great mood this morning, the hugs were genuine, none of this one-armed-ass-sticking-out-back-pat-saying-good-morning-in-your-gruff-manly-voice nonsense, it was a good ol fashioned love fest. The snow and ice has melted enough to allow us to use the Scotia stage again, woo! Back to the gauntlet, the bop-it, the plank circle, and all that good shit.


All that rock paper push up training throughout the past year and a bit has finally come to fruition. The ultimate show down of the ultimate destiny. The Rock Paper Push Up Championship of the World and Universe. It got heated, it got loud, it got dirty. Amazingly, one of our first timers, Felicia, made it to the finals, (ultimately proving that you can’t train for Rock Paper Push Up), matching off with the speedy Chantelle.


Look at the intensity in this picture. Just look at it. Well, Chantelle took home the chocolate bunny, (ultimately proving that you CAN train for Rock Paper Push Up). Whaaat. Plot twist.


Look how happy she is. Just look. Yay for chocolate!

Today’s Positivity Award winner is really, really good looking. He’s also super positive. You would probably recognize him from NP to see him. That’s because it’s none other than your NP leader Rick. We all know how much he brings to the tribe, but one way to really find out is to run the workout without him and Tom there. You all probably thought my speech was about someone else, but you never let me finish, it was about Rick all along. Another plot twist. I know I speak for us all when I say we are eternally grateful for what him and Tom have done for Winnipeg by bringing November Project here and turning it into what it is. My sister was commenting this morning on how much effect we have on people’s lives, and my response was that it’s had a huge effect on my life, so all we can do is pay it forward. Ok, that’s enough serious talk. Here’s a pic of me and Rick. With bunny ears.


See you all next week! Wear your fast pants and fast shoes, it’s PR day!

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