You won’t believe what happened next!


Well after a few weeks of requests and a lot of beautiful mornings. I was scanning #21humpbeat on the Insta this morning to see what the rest of the world was up to. A lot of pictures of beautiful sunrises were posted so I figured that we should use the mountains for once in our group photo.

We worked hard today as always and had some new walk-by recruitments.  But what I wanted to share today was something that I know every person that comes to a workout either with us or with any of the other tribes will understand. I found the most eloquent words (talking about ultra running) that fit so well with what we do. Especially since we have so many ultra runners in our group so I thought I would share them.

Why do we do this?
Why do we do these crazy, long or short workouts that challenge us beyond the realm of what we know for certain that we can do?
“Because the process of trying is the whole battle. The point is not to win or to lose, but to do our very best and give our very  all, in every moment that we can. Those raw struggles shape us, and make us stronger, for having experienced them. ”
~Hilary M…



Things said at NP Vancouver this week.

“Watch out for overspray”
“Look them right in the ARYES” – Graham did I get the spelling right?
“I forgot I was wearing a hat and totally nailed the brim on the steering wheel”
“I know people from lululemon – they’re keener freaks” (I feel that’s all of us)
“She’s golden like the ‘SEXUAL'”
“We wouldn’t be here if it was for her … Karra


Mr. November



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