You Weren’t Curious Enough George

Ohhh. You’ve done it now. Well done Ms. George. You missed the wrrrrong workout.  The second Erica to break a verbal in one workout. Without further adieu, Mary Anna comin’ atchya…

Dear Erica,

After a wonderful workout on Friday, you asked me, “Are you going to go to the workout on Monday?” For a variety of reasons I was hesitant to drop a verbal, but then you said that if Amy and I went, you’d show up, too. Your last words to me as you walked out the door were, “Let me know if you’re going on Monday!” I was pretty pumped about a holiday workout followed by a long breakfast linger with you, so I convinced Amy we that we should go and arranged to catch a ride to the workout with Elin. Hooray!

Sadly, my elation was to be short-lived. Amy texted you our verbal for Monday, and that’s when you started hedging.


Even still, I wouldn’t let myself believe that you were going to break your Monday morning holiday verbal. I mean, YOU were the one who convinced ME to just show up on a Monday morning, at Castle Island, on a BEACH of all places! Amy, Elin and I were the first to arrive on the beach (after EmSauce, that is); I knew you wouldn’t be super early so I wasn’t worried. Next came Eric and Dave, followed by several people I didn’t recognize. Benai rode up on her bike. Jenn and Ben showed up, and a bunch of the Woo tribe. Soon there were more than 50 people on the beach and it was hard to keep track of who was there. Sarah showed up all sweaty from her run, and in a strange twist Adam arrived dry as a bone. (I know! I can barely believe it, and I felt it with my own two hands!) I hugged and laughed with so many people, we made a gigantic footprint portrait of me with my toes in the surf, and all the while I kept an eye out for you.  As we bounced I looked around for you again, and that was when the doubt really began to set in.


Maybe your cab never showed up, and you worried that the T would be too slow. Maybe fireworks and loud parties kept you up all night, making your bed more appealing than a sandy beach when your alarm went off. Maybe you hit the snooze button one time too many, or perhaps you accidentally set your alarm for 5pm, or maybe you just plain forgot to set it in the first place. Whatever the reason, you weren’t there. We bounced, we sprinted, we did high knees and crabwalks and bear crawls and wheelbarrow races. We did burpees in the surf! (Well, some of us did burpees in the surf … some of us are terrified of the water so we did squats in the wet sand instead.) We selfied! All the while, you were snuggled up comfy in your bed, cuddling with your sweet little kitty Madeline. After the group photo a large group of us headed over to The Paramount for a long lingering (and delicious!) breakfast; perhaps you were dreaming of coffee, eggs and home fries while we were actually eating them.


In the end, the details of what you were doing while we were hugging, bouncing, kicking ass on that beach, taking selfies, and chowing down aren’t all that important … all that matters is that you broke your verbal, and we missed you.


Mary Anna

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