You want to supersize that happy meal?


Where to start….Peter led us off with a ‘bop it’ of his own, then into our bounce, where we mixed in some “Peanut butter…Jelly”, then we ran, oh San Fran….you could have a serious challenge going on in June, just puttin that out there now.

We ran our laps, maybe chasing down a chocolate burger, then we did more burpees than anyone can count (or we just lost track after the double digits). Then we dominated a few mountains. Once that was all done, we played a good game of pass the burger while in a v-sit, it was better than duck duck goose, although there may have been some attempts at taking bites out of the glorious burger.

Ok, here it is, we went from a killer workout, to a dance off burger challenge. Down to two finalists, guess who the winner was? There may or may not be a picture showing above.

Last, and definitely not least….milk jug boy, killer of stairs, crusher of Wednesday workouts, never gives up until he can’t breathe, and brings the biggest water bottle ever! Santiago, took home the positivity award, he is November Project Calgary!


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