You Know How I Know We Are Awesome?

I show up to do a workout at 5:30am just so I can get the work out of the way and then take photos, cheer people on, and do other fun things. This morning when I came to the top of the hill, Joey Kile was well into his 33-rep effort that started around 4am. For those of you without calculator: 33 times .8 miles equals to 26.4 miles which is .2 miles longer than the marathon!!! Let me repeat that – .2 miles longer than the marathon on Summit ave! Hearth Break hill is little bump in the road in comparison with this effort. So why did Joey decide to do this? Because Steve Christensen announced on facebook that he’ll do 20. Steve was inspired by Alan Shearer’s 20-flight piece from few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. Do you see a pattern here? I’ll do something very respectable and someone else will try to beat it. This also applies to the folks that struggled to run up the hill 2 times without walking and now are banging out 6 repeats without hesitation. They saw that it’s possible, they got fit, and are now eating hills for breakfast. So my friends, keep this healthy competition going, and keep pushing your limits. On Wednesday we’re doing a FrogMan1. Brogan did back-to-back FrogMan1 with the break of 5 minutes in between. Any takers? #WeMissYouBG

Oh, and you know that we’re doing something right when random Biceps Juice company shows up to give out free Gatorade as a product promo. We are all about hooking up our members with snacks, recovery drinks, gear and event passes and are always happy to give a proper shout out to the companies that provide aforementioned perks. But showing up uninvited to workouts to pitch the products is not only a shitty way of product promotion but it can do you more harm then benefits. So thanks Biceps Juice for free whatever you were giving out but we wont need your products in the future. #PartyCrashers #Uninvited #CreepyMarketing #H2ORules

We meet at the Charles River Workout Stations to bang out a deck of cards. Run there – do the deck – run back! #RunDeckRun

See above – this workout used to be known as the hiking trip – now the whole world knows it as FrogMan1. Be ready to throw it down for 50 sections. Scaling options will be announced before we start.

Enjoy beers at Harpoon Octoberfest! #WeekendEarned

Scores coming later.

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14 Replies to “You Know How I Know We Are Awesome?”

  1. So impressed by Joey, and by Steve, and by everyone else. On a more prosaic note, the pen was waterlogged by the time I was done, so can you put me down for 9 reps at 33:00? Thanks.

  2. LOVE being back on them hills!!! Joey was a total inspirado today – THANKS JOEY!
    what a great turnout today – congrats to everyone who got up at the crackalacka and hit them hills. even the muscle juice guys. sure, it wasn’t asked for or expected, but kind of freaking COOL that they know enough about us that they showed up. We’re friendly but next time, they gotta run them hills, too. #AllForOne #OneFor All.

  3. Hey Bojan,

    You spelled my last name wrong…I’ll let it slide this time since it’s the first time I’ve stood out.

    Great job by everyone today. Our goal is, like Bojan expressed, to encourage people that the “impossible” is possible. We do eat hills for breakfast and it’s only gonna keep getting better.

    Keep Recruiting everyone!!

  4. Didn’t find the sheets to sign in (went early) but 5 rounds in 54ish. Way longer than usual for some reason. Gotta find that groove I’ve been missing.

  5. Today was my first time out – it was amazing seeing such an awesome and dedicated group. I’ll try n make it out to Harvard Stadium next week. I usually run it alone, so having a few dozen friends there should be nice.

    Can you put me and Brian A down for 9 repeats at a total time (up only, not down) of 29:17?

  6. I only got 2 in this morning in 24:16 after I discovered the cat DOES have a snooze button, apparently if I skritch his ears when he head butts me, he’ll stop head butting me. Who knew?

    Also, it is kind of awesome when you get there at 6 am and you’re not the first person. 🙂

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