YOU CAN PLAY? YOU CAN’T EVEN GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Patrick Burke sleeps through Friday hills.

Patrick Burke will be the first one to tell you that November Project isn’t really something that he could have seen himself getting into. Not a huge fan of the morning hours, not a huge fan of the group “rah, rah, go us” vibe, and not the most ready-to-race runner. “Burkie” will also tell you that November Project has brought him much joy and fun through our real workouts and real friendships that have come with his pretty amazing consistency since his very first trip to the Harvard Stadium (the day that we broke 300 people in a single workout).

Rather than getting into any kind of debate about the facts we’ll just show this little text exchange, courtesy of Karli Del Rossi, and let the tribe be the judge… (PS: Burkie, you need to charge your phone when you go to bed at night… dead battery will put you back up here on this wall if you let that attention slip).

Now we all know that bad decisions are made at 4:00, 5:14, and even 6:00 in the morning. Though we believe that your legs truly were hurting we also know that showing up is the only thing that we REALLY push for and preach on about (post verbal). Show up. Show up and watch. Show up and watch Kelly & Katie Deans & the rest of the joke makers train. They’ll support you and your legs when you’re in need.

Because if you don’t show up after saying you were going to… you’ll end up right here on the wall. You’re a great athlete and one of our most consistant members. You also know the truth that if you don’t get out of bed and show up, YOU CAN’T PLAY at November Project. Like your YOU CAN PLAY project, we don’t discriminate against the young, old, pro, novice, Serbian, Albanian, hetero, homo, bi, black, white, Asian, Arctic, Antarctic, Elin, Menino, and even our long lost friend Sam Adams (R.I.P.). Equality. We’re with you… unless you don’t show up.

With all the love and friendship in our hearts… Patrick Burke… you knew this was coming…

We Missed You.

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