You can do anything for 5 Minutes (YEG)

YAY!!! First Workout for March 2015!

Some of the tribe went on a field trip this morning…down south – way down south – 3 hours down south – 304 km south — they went to “welcome” the future November Project Calgary tribe by running some stairs and out-recruiting the home tribe. Rumour has it Edmonton took the first win in the Battle of Alberta series!

For the rest of us, we took over Rutherford House and proved that we really can do anything for 5 minutes!

  • Mountains Climbers – “no problem”
  • Pushups & Squat Jumps – “pas de problème”
  • Burpees & Sprints – “nessun problema”
  • Plank Jacks & Lunge Jumps – “no hay problema”
  • Various Plank Holds – “kein problem”

Doesn’t matter the language, it all means the same thing. It means that they tribe is strong, the tribe perseveres, the tribe is determined, the tribe kicks ass, the tribe sets their minds on something and accomplishes it!

We will continue to kick butt Wednesday as we bound up the stairs. Meet at the bottom of Royal Glenora Stairs at 5:58AM! Drop your verbals here!

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