Jen told us the other day that we have almost done 1000 or 10,000 (I can’t remember) workouts since we started NP Canada. That’s 3 days a week since week 2! Most of those mornings are pretty good but let’s be honest, having sunrise on your face, a stadium full of yahoos and shaky legs from the best workout in NP land comes just a handful of times out of those 18,000 workouts. We had kids, grandparents, newbies and oldies. Sorry dogs, you missed the f’ out. This was one of those mornings that I dreamt of when we started this simple little group. A ton of people with a ton of different backgrounds having a good, hard-ass sweat together. I feel a bit repetitive when I write this in blogs… but seriously, thank you! Thanks for getting out of bed and helping to create this amazing atmosphere of positivity and work. Without this massive community, we never would have made it through a few of those winters and closing in on 25,000 mornings together.

Friday we own that hill, meet at Kinsmen at 559am. See you all there!

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