Year. Bang. Onward. (DCA)

Here’s 2014. There’s the bang. I can see it in the distance. We’ll end this year and move onward toward an even better year in 2015. Here’s just some of the most recent memories we made:

Wait. That’s it?! We just crush a year of positive community and life-altering changes and new friends and then move on? Ok, so we’ll take a day or two (or four) to reflect, but essentially, YES. Why? Because the party (the November Project Party if you’re not following) is just starting. Just starting here in DC. Just starting here in North America. And just starting all over the globe. We move onward because there’s still people out there that don’t even know the words November and Project go together to form an incredibly earth-shattering community. So whether you consider it high-five city or hug central (I like both), let’s keep doin’ our thing. Or in the words of Frank the Tank, ‘Keep on truckin’.

The year-ending, go out with a bang comes WEDNESDAY. Get ready to race. Get ready to party. It’s PR week.

Catch y’all on the flipside.


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