Yeaaa > Wooh! (SF)

You know when something awesome happens and you clap your hands and go wooh! Well, that was all of this morning. With just a few too many woohs.

woo girls

We had a stern talking to from an angry woman at one of the corners of Alta Plaza Park. I think she couldn’t handle all the hugging and high fives. We stuck Mitch on her and he squeezed her so hard she changed her attitude real quick.

In all seriousness, as a reminder, we’re really lucky we get to use Alta Plaza Park in the mornings. It’s so fantastic to have so many people working out with us (especially newbies!). That said, just one bad day of being too loud or too obnoxious could call all the wrong kind of attention to us and mess things up for everyone. So please, be excited, but keep that excitement noise level (especially on the outside of the park) to a minimum.

As Mark Noviski has explained so well previously, cheering with the word “yea” has a much lower frequency than the word “wooh” (is that a real word even??) so the sound is less likely to travel or something #science.

Okay, enough preaching. On to the big announcements!

First, hills this Friday are at Hyde St (Hyde x Bay intersection). We’re racing cable cars. BOOM.

Second, our sister city, Indianapolis, needs some love from us. Like their Facebook page. Think morally sound midwestern thoughts. More to come on this great union.

Last and most certainly not least, the t-shirt design contest.

Starting now and going until Monday, August 8 at 11:59pm PST, we will be hosting the official THE NORTH FACE + NOVEMBER PROJECT – T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST.

General Guidelines:

  • Designs to be accepted in JPEG/JPG or PDF format only
  • Winning design to be screen-printed in single-tone black ink
  • Area/Location of the screen-print design: centered on front or back of the tee
  • Area-width: up to 8 inches wide x 8 inches tall


Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! See you Friday!

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