#WorldTakeoverDay (PHL)

World Takeover. World Fu*king Takeover Bro.

Yeah, so that happened today. Still not sure what we are talking about? Read about it here, and then go and tell all of your friends. Better yet show your friends what it’s all about, bring them to the next workout.

In Philly we showed the love to these two new tribes by doing what we do best, hugging those around us, spreading the community in our city and by working out hard on the steps. The workout was a pretty straightforward one (well it was until Dan tried to confuse us all). Two groups, one running on the steps and the other running the lower loop. When you hear the bell find a partner, if you are on the stairs you do 3 London Bridge is Falling Down (Bojans) and if you are on the loop you Get High (hoistees). Then its time to switch, stair group to the loop and loop group to the stairs. 35 mins on the clock and off we went. Great work today, Philly. Keep kicking ass & takin’ names. See you FRIDAY 6:25am Lemon Hill

London Bridge is Falling Down:



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