So, in case anyone missed it, #SummitWeek wrapped up this weekend, and today we started a new day, a new week, and the first day of the rest of our lives. Which, I guess, is a monumental thing.  It’s both just another day, and the beginning of everything else to come.  Woah, EmSaul…don’t get to heavy on us–it’s only Monday!

I’m sorry folks, but I’ve got an important thought to share that’s not exactly gnawing away at my brain, but more so it’s expanding my heart and my mind at such a rapid rate, I’ve got to share it before I explode.

First, let me just say this: Chris Payne and I missed the workout this morning.  I’m sure we’ll see some stellar “We Missed You” material show up to acknowledge that we were not smarter than the airlines and instead of arriving back in Beantown late last night, we landed at 10:03am…long after the rockstar baby-sitters Erica and Shira led their second NP_BOS workout in a week.  Capozzi was never planning to be back for the Monday Destination Deck, so we won’t shame him.

This big thought has to do with what happened HERE IN BOSTON: The Tribe worked out in the shadow of one of Boston’s most recognizable landmarks–the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square. You all said good morning to the newbies. Did the warm-up bounce, rubbed tummies and booped noses.  You did warm-ups, then did a 20 min circuit of (dirty ground) bear crawls (eww), lunges, plank/mountain climber deck, ran teh loop, took turns mounting your partner, and 10 push-ups.  The workout ended with a dusty “pizza party” (6 people in a pizza circle & 2 min of burpees).  You celebrated Diane’s, Meg’s, and Danielle’s birthdays, and had a great group photo.  I’m still not sure what you were doing there, and I think I like it, whatever it is.

And this thought has to do with what happened IN UTAH at NP SUMMIT 3.0: There were 26 NP tribes represented by co-leaders and tribe members alike, at the North Face Endurance Challenge Series Utah (#ECSUT), for amazing racing, a full-sweep of the podium by 2 person co-leader teams, and a tidal wave of positivity and energy driving the NP movement forward.  There were incredible people, precisely 14,106 hugs exchanged, hundreds of shirts tagged to become #GrassrootsGear, and the world shifted a little bit.  I’m sure of it.

Here’s the thing, the thought, the nugget of GOODNESS that woke me from my weird, sitting-up, mouth-wide-open sleep on an airplane in the wee hours of this morning: The power of this movement comes from epic, EPIC weekends like we just had in Utah–because there’s a large size and scale to the togetherness and energy that makes us pay attention and get freaking pumped up about how good this shit is.  There’s a surge of momentum from so many people being together, and the hype going into it, and the social media buzz about it for days, (FOMO included for those not there).  All that is really good.  AND (note, I didn’t say “but”…really, I mean and) the power of this movement comes from the very same togetherness and energy that we create every single time we have workouts.  The “little” workout here in Boston on Friday, and this morning are no less important, hype-worthy, and impactful than #NPSUMMIT in Utah.  The goodness of this shit is that we’re different when we come together to crawl in the dirt, sweat, and move our bodies–because we’re not doing it alone.  The important thing is that we are taking over the world with positivity, weirdness, and kindness with our fierce, fun, weekly workouts.  Let’s remember that what we’re doing here with our tribe every Mon/Wed/Fri is FOMO worthy as hell.  Summit is very cool, and so is every. Damn. Day.

We are doing this.  The momentum is growing, and let’s not lose sight of that with every single workout.  Let’s get really fucking fired up.  Let’s feel the hype in every bounce, every birthday crowd surf, every PR day.  Let’s all take responsibility for showing up with the energy to share with our tribe, working our asses off at workout, and making sure we bring all the good we soak up together, out into the rest of our worlds.



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